Symposium Prince in the Afterlife
June 5th+6th, Woodberry

Dimensional Spiritual Prince in Author Truth’s Photo! Real? Yes, and it’s Simply Amazing!

This is just one of so much that will be reveal at the My Prince Experience Symposium.

Expect the Unexpected. You will be amazed of how this Prince event will change your life!

The My Prince Experience Symposium/Prince in The Afterlife, A Conscious Awakening, will be one of the most Engaging, Informative, Truthful, Amazing, Unforgettable and Conscious Awakening of Prince existence after he transitioned. Author Truth didn’t just write a book about her experiences, she has proof of the phenomenal of her Channel Connection with one of the greatest musical geniuses of our lifetime, Prince Rogers Nelson. 

Author Truth is not only an author, singer, and songwriter she considers herself a Princeologist, a high vibrational being who studies other high vibrational beings, and in this case, it is Prince. Author Truth is also Master Conscious Awakening Coach of conscious awareness & an intuitive guide. Since a young child, she has had the gift of the Third Eye. Her gifts are identified as a Medium, The sixth sense (Clairvoyance), Channeling, Master of Dreams, Visions, and Out-of-Body Experiences. 

Master of The Chakra ‘s (Third Eye, Crown, heart), Internal/External Vibrations, Frequencies & more. She has had two Near Death Experiences taking her on the other side of life and she will speak about her experiences, coming back into the realm of life, shifting of realities, Worlds & her Channeling connection with Prince.

Author Truth has had an array of strong connections & Out-of-Body Experiences with the soul/being known as Prince. She will speak about her experiences with his presence, provide imagines & videos of what will be revealed as Out of this World, astounding experience.

Among many of her collective experiences, Author Truth will be revealing her audio of her 2016 Medium Audio read by renounce Sheila Gillette Direct Voice Channel for THEO Co-Host and Founder of ASK THEO where she asks about Prince and what Sheila reveal to her in 2016. Sheila also discovered and Mentored Ester Hicks (Abraham.) 

Author Truth will reveal The Phenomenal of Videos of Prince Channeling to her through multiple music occurrences. All caught on camera! And you’ll get to see and hear it! 

Not to give away all the surprises! There will be more Videos! Audio! Photos! Lots of proof of Prince existence beyond his transition. After all these years, Author Truth is ready to share it with Prince fans from all around the world her experiences and the experiences she witness from others in the Purple family that helped her connect the dots of this incredible Prince phenomenal. 

This will surely be a specular One-of-a-Kind event! If you want to see and hear some of the most unbelievable Prince Spiritual Awakening occurrences, this Symposium event will be your chance.


No outside food or beverages are allowed at this event.

Restrictions are enforced due to COVID 19. If you think you have Covid symptoms please do not attend this event.

Wearing a mask is at your discretion. The seating will be spaced out for reading comfortability.

Gloves must be worn when you your holding the photos Prince are in. This to preserve the photos. Gloves will be provided at the event. Author Truth has had these sacred items for a long time and they must be respected and preserved.

Other items may be presented at the event that will also require gloves.

There will be no cell phones, audio, or any other device to be use while the context is being displayed during the event. 

There will be no photograph of the context that will be displayed during the event.

Please respect and be kind to others at this event.

Reserve your slot today. Tickets are available and slots are limited.

If any rules are broken, you will be asked to leave the event. These are sacred items and items Author Truth has had for since Prince transitioned, and it must be preserved and respected.

This event is not affiliated with the Prince estate.

Courtyard by Marriott St. Paul
185 Radio Dr., Woodbury, MN 55125

Admission: $95
8:30 am - 12:30 pm
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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